Discover how romantic you are based on fruits you love

We can guess how romantic you are, based on the fruits you love. Just answer the 10 questions of this quiz to know if you are romantic and how much.

Our guess is based on this fact that some fruits are well known among lovers and can show the romance feeling. So if you love these fruits I may show that you are a romantic person.

From the past to today, some foods and fruits have had a special symbol among lovers, so boys and girls have used them as a symbol of love on special occasions. If you want to find out how romantic you are based on the fruits you love, join us.


On Valentine’s Day, send a basket full of this fruit for your love because it symbolizes sensuality, romance, and love.


It was said to be the symbol of Venus – the goddess of love in ancient Roman. This fruit is the shape of a little heart but an edible heart. In your opinion, isn’t it a good symbol of love and romance in honeymoon or valentine day? In France, it is said that people give strawberry soups to symbolize love during the honeymoon.


If you choose this fruit to surprise, it shows that you are a passionate, energetic, and happy person and have a very romantic and hot sex. It is because of the pineapple’s healthy nature. It produces happiness hormone and strengthens sexual quality and power.


Apple has been a symbol of beauty and love ever since Adam and Eve, as well as in many legends. If you want to show your true love to your lover without saying a word, I recommend giving him/her a red apple. The red apple resembles the heart and will be very attractive to your beloved.


According to a Filipino legend, bananas symbolize enduring and eternal love. Banana lovers are lovely, gentle, and naturally warm and sensitive people and love their partner in all aspects.


Cherry is a sign of intimacy and loyalty. If you want your lover to know that you are a romantic and caring person for your family and home, give her/him a basket of cherries.


Grapes are the best and most famous symbol of romance. If you want to have a romantic and love-filled night with your lover, invite him/her to eat grape wine. Grape rises the power of sexual senses.


Figs are known to enhance sexual powers, so it is the sign of a romantic relationship. Add this fruit to your valentine’s day basket as a symbol of warm and romantic love.


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