Am I Addicted to Sugar? This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors

If you have some of the sugar addiction symptoms you may ask Am I Addicted to Sugar? This quiz will analyze 20 simple factors to give an accurate answer.

Am I Addicted to Sugar? Quiz

Sugar is essential for the brain to process and for the cells to live. However, we have to pay special attention to our diet in the 21st century. Diabetes is a silent killer chasing those who crave sweets too much. On the other hand, many cherished meals contain a high amount of sweeteners. The Am I addicted Quiz will explain why people are addicted to sugary substances and the symptoms of sugar junkies.

Wake up call: Why do we have to cut down on sugar?

Through the thousands of years that we’ve inhabited Earth, we had been struggling to scrape for a living. Food was rare and hard to attain. Therefore, we are hardwired to consume highly nutritious foods that contain a large calorie density and keep us going for a long time. But those days are far behind us; we are used to a relatively sedentary lifestyle, and all kinds of treats are at our fingertips.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our craving for high-calorie supplies such as sweets. Therefore, if we don’t reduce our carbs and sweets, we might get diabetes.

Sugar addiction symptoms

Sugar addiction might sound not big of a deal unless you know the fatal impact of diabetes on our bodies. There are some ways to identify if you’re suffering from sugar addiction or not. Here are some symptoms that we want to mention in the “Am I sugar Addicted Quiz”:

Why Am I addicted to sugar?

Sugar is a nutrient that is essential for our survival. Our body can harvest it by breaking down carbohydrates and polysaccharides. In addition, we can consume sweets to take a shortcut and get the glucose we need by eating. What happens when you eat glucose-rich food? Your tongue receptors send positive signals to your brain. The small intestine will absorb the supplements and inject them into your bloodstream. A highly concentrated dose of sweetener causes the brain to stimulate the cerebral cortex. This part of the brain will then produce dopamine, the chemical associated with pleasure and satisfaction.

The more you have, the more you’ll crave

Dopamine is the hormone of pleasure, and it’s stimulated with every pleasant experience. A high amount of dopamine is released by using drugs and alcohol, leading to more cravings and addiction. The same applies to sweeteners; it activates the body’s reward system, and the more you eat, the more likely you are to want more because the dopamine level stimulated by having a sweet treat remains high, whereas it will drop in time for ordinary foods.

What should I do to stay healthy?

You can’t get sweeteners and carbs out of your diet since it exists in a wide variety of products, such as fruits and grains. Nevertheless, there are some ways to get these cravings under control. Take the Am I addicted to sugar quiz and applied the recommendations according to your results.

The results of Am I addicted to sugar test

There are four levels of consumption in the results section. The first group should consult a doctor and nutritionist. The second group must take immediate action and cut down on junk food. The third group might become exposed to some levels of craving, and the last group is those who are prudent and healthy.

Diabetes alarm!

You are severely addicted to sugary supplements and at imminent threat of diabetes. There is no way to sugarcoat this; you are in grave danger. Diabetes is lurking around the corner, and you need to see a doctor immediately.

If you neglect the risks, you might get cardiovascular diseases, experience intense mood swings, depression, and even loss of sight. You can also go to a psychiatrist to get your eating habits under control.

Official addict

You are addicted to sweets, and it might prove problematic. You use at least twice the amount you’re supposed to, and if you don’t do something about it, you might suffer from obesity, depression, and diabetes.

Carbohydrate oversaturation influences the body on a cellular scale. Your muscles will burn; you can’t focus. Your immune system will deteriorate, and so on. So please consult a professional to help you out with your habits and lifestyle.

You are sweat!

You enjoy treats, but you’re not addicted to sugary goods. If you’re offered delicious snacks, you will gratefully accept them. This level of consumption should be treated with caution, for if you don’t work out or lead a sluggish lifestyle, you might start to gain weight. So keep exercising and consume more healthy snacks. There are tons of recipes that use low carbs and are enjoyable.

You’re on the safe side

You have 100 percent control and no excessive glucose on your diet. You seem to be aware of your diet and the effects it has in the long run. The healthy habits that you’ve developed keep you strong and attractive. People who have a properly balanced diet live longer and happier lives, so congratulations on being such an intelligent person.

Don’t stop being perfect; encourage your friends and family to follow your lead and shift towards a more responsible lifestyle.


Let’s kick the ball rolling

Now that you know the essentials, let’s start the test. You will be asked 20 questions about your lifestyle and personal preferences. Then, the AI will calculate your score and put you in a group.

Remember to ask your friends and those you care about to take this quiz. Spread the word, and promote public health.

How to Play?

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How many questions does this quiz have?

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