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Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update

Which Halo Character Are You

This fun personality quiz helps you find out which Halo character you are. Is your character a Spartan or Covenant? Are you Master Chief, Kai, Vannak, or else?

Halo Character Quiz Explained

It’s an analytical test discovering which Halo video game or TV show personality is similar to you. However, it also provides you with additional pieces of info, such as your occupation, rank, or affiliation.

Unlike some other video game quizzes, this one includes both original and new characters—and is loyal to both timelines.

Find out which Halo character you are.

We have created a database of all Spartans as well as other main characters. By taking the test, you allow us to make yours, too. The algorithms then will look for similarities and generate your perfect match accordingly.

Discover more details about your counterpart.

Most Halo character quizzes offer a simple match. However, our test includes valuable insights into your character and shares interesting details.

  • Rank

Spartans in the Halo franchise have various UNSC military ranks. And your responses and decision-making style enable us to expose your possible position.

  • Homeworld

Halo takes place in various worlds and planets. But we can identify which one you belong to based on your preferences.

  • Affiliation

Not everyone works for UNSC in Halo. So, your choices can also uncover who you’d work with if you lived in the game’s universe.

  • Spartan tag

If you match a particular super-soldier, you also find out your unique number. For example, Riz’s tag is 028, while Kai’s number is 125.

Get a free personality analysis.

It’s enjoyable to know which Halo character you are. But what about your own persona? What makes you match someone like Master Chief? These are questions that our quiz answers as well. We can analyze your own character and reveal why a particular Spartan or Covenant shares the same qualities with you. (No other test currently offers that).

Based on Halo Games and TV Show Characters

As pointed out on ScreenRant, “Paramount’s Halo series stuck close to the game’s characters in many ways, however, there are notable character changes that are extremely obvious.” So, our editorial team decided to include both timelines and descriptions to create a wide-ranging test for all fans.

You might match characters solely present in the 2022 TV show or those who debuted in the video game franchise and didn’t make it into the series.

How to Know Which Spartan You Are?

The challenging thing about discovering your Spartan match is that little to none is known about most of them. The UNSC super-soldiers have secretive backgrounds, and their hormone pellet prohibits them from having strong emotions, which turns them into rather dull characters.

But you can read the following descriptions of three of the main soldiers to see if you relate to any.

#1. Master Chief

Some go as far as saying that Master Chief is a sociopath. But that’s not true at all. His emotions are suppressed because of the pellet in his body. And he’s actually a kind and caring commander.

As a Spartan and Gifted One, Master Chief’s personality can be described as goal-oriented, determined and professional. However, as a friend, he’s caring and loyal.

If you ask fans, “Which Halo character are you?” a majority of them would pick Master Chief over everyone else. It’s because he’s a reliable, strong leader capable of changing millions of people’s faith.

#2. Kai-125

Before removing her pellet, Kai is known as a dutiful super-soldier focused on the orders she receives. However, after the pellet removal, she begins expressing her emotions and shows a more humane side.

Kai-125’s personality can be described as protective and devoted. She goes out of her way to protect Master Chief and is always there for her friends no matter what.

#3. Riz-028

She’s focused and professional. Riz is one of the most unfailing UNSC soldiers that has shown to be strongminded regardless of the situation’s intensity. Her personality can be described as serious, attentive, and obedient.

Character Rank
John-117 Petty Officer
Riz-028 Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Kai-125 Petty Officer, First Class
Vannak-134 Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Makee Blessed One
Catherine Halsey Scientific research and development


Other characters.

The Halo franchise has lots of interesting human and non-human personalities. Think Cortana or Dr. Catherine Halsey. So, you might not necessarily have to match a super-soldier. Taking a genuine quiz like the one on this page would allow you to explore all the possibilities.

Halo Character Quiz Has a Twist: You Might Match Villains

Are you sure that you’d be on the good guys’ team? Because we doubt that. There’s a noticeable chance of matching a Covenant or Arbiter as well as other villains of the franchise. It all depends on your decisions and persona.

Why It’s Cool to Know Which Halo Character You Are

Despite having mysterious personalities, most Halo Spartans are interesting people. Knowing which one you represent in real life could help you relate to the lore and find your way into the fandom. Most super-fans already know which character they are. And it allows them to have a deeper experience when playing the games or watching the new TV series.

The good news is that you can join the thousands of Halo fans and meet your inner soldier right now.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the Halo Character Quiz. Paramount+ owns all the said pictures, and no copyright infringement is intended.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

How many questions does this quiz have?

20 questions

How long does it take to complete this quiz?

7 minutes

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    What kind of career would you like to have if you lived in the Halo universe?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 1
    • Super-soldier

    • Explorer

    • Nurse

    • Teacher or trainer

    • Commander

    • None

  • Question 2

    Which Halo creatures do you dislike the most?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 2
    • Prophets

    • Elites

    • Brutes

    • Engineers

    • Hunters

    • I like them all

  • Question 3

    What makes Master Chief a unique character?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 3
    • His leadership

    • His backstory

    • His battle skills

    • His gear

    • His kindness

    • He’s not unique

  • Question 4

    What attribute would you give your super-soldier if you could create one?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 4
    • Dignity

    • Curiosity

    • Obedience

    • Rationality

    • Humbleness

    • Brutality

  • Question 5

    What should be a Spartan’s priority?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 5
    • Helping others

    • Enjoying their short life

    • Protecting those in need

    • Learning new stuff

    • Having faith in their ultimate goal

    • Staying alive no matter what

  • Question 6

    What’s the most challenging thing about being a super-soldier?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 6
    • Responsibilities

    • Constant threats

    • Losing friends

    • Feeling like a robot

    • Being manipulated by the UNSC

    • Serving the evil

  • Question 7

    Would you always follow UNSC orders no matter what?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 7
    • It depends

    • No, I’d never follow their orders

    • Yes, I would.

    • I’m not sure

    • Only if I have to.

    • I should be the one who gives the orders.

  • Question 8

    What do you think about Covenants and their motives?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 8
    • They’re dangerous beings

    • They’re complicated beings

    • They’re useless beings

    • They’re interesting species

    • I don’t like them

    • I love them

  • Question 9

    What do you think about Cortana?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 9
    • She’s helpful

    • She’s cool

    • She’s cringy

    • She’s smart

    • She’s reliable

    • She’s stupid

  • Question 10

    Would you rather live like a rich person in the Outer Colonies or an average person in the Inner Colonies?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 10
    • I’d rather live on the battlefields

    • I’d like to live in the Inner Colonies

    • I’d like to live where my best friends live

    • I’d rather live in the Outer Colonies

    • It doesn’t matter

    • I hate both options

  • Question 11

    In a team of super-soldiers, what position would you like to have?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 11
    • Leader

    • Scout

    • Support

    • Doctor

    • Frontline soldier

    • I’d never want to be a super-soldier

  • Question 12

    What’s the best way of killing an Arbiter?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 12
    • Headshot

    • Sniping them

    • Blowing them up with rockets

    • Using traps

    • Throwing a grenade at them

    • None of the above

  • Question 13

    Imagine you’re one of Master Chief’s soldiers, and he asks you to betray UNSC for some reason. What do you do?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 13
    • I don’t follow his orders

    • I ask him what’s the reason behind his orders

    • I follow his orders no matter what

    • I let the authorities know

    • I try to stop him

    • I shoot him in the leg

  • Question 14

    What’s the best strategy for fighting with interstellar enemies?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 14
    • Having an attack and defense strategy

    • Spying on enemies and getting to know them

    • Having a trained army of super-soldiers

    • Having the upper hand through technological advancement

    • Negotiating instead of fighting

    • Attacking all other planets before they attack us

  • Question 15

    An army of Arbiters is about to attack your homeworld. What do you do as a commander of super-soldiers?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 15
    • Evacuate the cities and prepare for the battle

    • Ambush them

    • Attack them before they reach our lands

    • Set traps and wait for them

    • Prepare for counter-attack

    • Use people as a shield for my soldiers

  • Question 16

    What do you think of the Prophet of Truth?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 16
    • I hate him

    • I don’t like him

    • I don’t know him

    • I find him interesting

    • I don’t respect him

    • I love him

  • Question 17

    What would you focus on during a battle if you were an actual Spartan?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 17
    • Protecting my soldiers

    • Staying alive

    • Protecting my commander(s)

    • Finding my enemies' weaknesses

    • Fighting with dignity

    • Killing as many creatures as possible

  • Question 18

    Do you think Spartans should have hormone pellet to control their emotions?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 18
    • I’m not sure if they should have it

    • I don’t know what a pellet is

    • No, they shouldn’t

    • Yes, they need it

    • Spartans should have the option to remove it or not

    • Spartans are stupid with or without pellets

  • Question 19

    What would you do to an enemy who has surrendered?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 19
    • Interrogate them

    • Exile them

    • Imprison them

    • Use them as a research subject

    • Free them

    • Execute them right away

  • Question 20

    Final question; how many Halo games have you ever played?

    Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You? 2023 Infinite Update 20
    • Eight or more

    • 7

    • 6

    • 5

    • 1-4

    • None

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