Sport – Quiz Expo Amazing Trivia and Personality Quizzes Tue, 02 May 2023 23:12:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Quiz: What Level Gymnast Am I? 100% Honest & Accurate Sun, 20 Nov 2022 19:50:01 +0000 This quiz helps you find an honest answer to your question, “what level gymnast am I?”. Answer 20 questions about your lifestyle and body physics to find out.

Being a gymnast is one of the hardest things you can be, and every person in this sport can assure you that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to be one of the greatest of all time.

But if you are taking this quiz, it means you already found your sport, and you want to know the answer to this question: “what level gymnast am I?” you may be good at this sport, but you want to make sure of it. After this quiz, you’ll know the answer to this question.

let’s answer: What type of gymnast I am

People may not realize this, but being a gymnast takes a lot of effort and will be a road of meltdowns and disappointment. But make no mistake, if you get better at it and realize that you may have a future in this sport, it will be so fun and full of adventurous moments.

Hard Worker

After some time, you reach a new skill level in this sport, and you may need help to get out of regular training and be aloof to it. But you may not be one of the hard workers and don’t want to reach that skill, and you don’t even realize it.


It makes being a gymnast hard work because of the skills it needs the combine. You should have many skills like strength, balance, speed, and agility and focus on being a good athlete.

A fun fact about being a gymnast is that many people consider it like dancing, and they sometimes call themselves dancers, which is a perfect point. Because a lot of skills in this sport are like ballet dancers, people who start their career as ballet dancers should master many moves in this sport.

A-Class Performer

But gymnastics has more details to it. It has sub-categories like Ribbon, Ball, Rope, and other stuff that people in this sport go to and try to be best at. Since you start your career as a gymnast, you realize what is your strong suit in this sport.

Even with the sub-categories, there is still much to be a gymnast. You can do rhythmic and acrobatic, which are more complex than regular ones. It’s crazy to think about it; because being an athlete is a sheer variety of sports and arts that comes together.

Which type of gymnast are you?

Gymnastics, a sport for your soul

Being a gymnast is about being ready all the time for the perfect timing reflexes and stopping at nothing. That’s why some say that being a performer is like having life challenges; you must always be ready for the worst bumps and try to overcome them.

It is the sport of focus, commitment, and sheer will. Performers are usually always in the gym and training. They may break many bones and hurt themselves during the process, but it’s nothing for them because they are not just mastering a sport. They are looking for greatness.

Promising athlete always finds a way to learn new moves or even use their free time to watch videos of how other masters at work do the trick and try to copy them until they can recreate that move themselves.

But in the end, many performers are trying to hit the JO Gymnastics level. But don’t worry, you will get every answer you are looking for after this Gymnastics Quiz and realize if you have what it takes to get into this vital position some of you even maybe thinking about going to Olympics.

Can you handle this level? Do you believe you’ll be able to identify yourself as a good gymnast in the future? Start the quiz right now and get your answer. By the way, good luck with the quiz.

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NBA Tattoo Quiz: Are You Smart Enough to Guess 15 of 20? Sun, 17 Jul 2022 13:57:35 +0000 Can you beat this NBA Tattoo Quiz? We doubt that. You have to guess all the 20 players by their inks. Sounds impossible? Wait to see the last three questions.

Guess the NBA Player by His Tattoos

The trend of guessing the players by their tattoos has been around for a while. But this 2022 quiz is the ULTIMATE one. We created a challenging test that gets harder with each question. Less than 35% of the participants manage to beat the game and get a perfect score.

If you are into basketball trivia questions, check out our trending Amazing NBA Quiz, too. It is an excellent tool to expose fake fans.

NBA Player Famous Tattoo
Kobe Bryant Venessa
Chris Anderson Free Bird
Stephen Curry A (for Ayesha)
Kyrie Irving F.R.I.E.N.D.S


20 Challenging Questions

The NBA Tattoo Quiz consists of twenty image-based questions. The goal for you is to guess who the player is by looking at their inks. But to make things a bit more fun, we divided the questions into two categories. (See below).

  • Guess the player

You are going to start with a classic game. We show you the pictures of athletes’ tattoos, and you pick the right names.

  • Guess the meaning

For the last few questions, you need to identify the meaning behind famous NBA tattoos. This is where the real fans come into play and shine.

A Fun Scoring System

You are going to receive a score on a scale of 0 to 20. The more correct answers you have, the higher your score is (obviously). But the thing is that the results reveal what type of NBA fan you are. Read on for more info on that.

Fun Facts About NBA Tattoos

Players of the National Basketball Association have interesting stories behind some of their tattoos. So, we wanted to share some of them with you. Each question on the quiz includes a ‘Reveal Text,’ offering fun facts and trivia on that particular athlete’s inks.

What Do Your NBA Tattoo Quiz Points Mean?

This is not going to be a casual test. Your correct answers will prove if you are a real NBA fan—or expose you if you are a newbie. Here is what your results mean.

0-5 pints: Newbie

Scoring less than five in the NBA Tattoo Quiz is not a piece of good news. It indicates that you are not following the league avidly. Yes, you do not have to memorize players’ inks to become a real fan. But common, the first ten questions of the test are easy-peasy. So, having five or fewer correct answers is unforgivable.

The good news is that you can retake the quiz and try your luck as many times as you want.

6-10 points:

Guessing at least six NBA players by their tattoos is not that bad. But it does not make you a super-fan. The first few images are of ridiculously famous basketball players. So, such a score is not something to be proud of—unless you are a random dude taking the quiz for fun.

11-15 points:

Any score between eleven and fifteen is safe. It does not mean you are an avid fan. But it keeps you in the competition. TBH, most participants end up scoring as high as fifteen. So, you are going to be in the majority—which is somewhat relieving.

16-18 points:

You are an avid NBA fan. Although it is not the perfect score, having at least sixteen correct answers is a lot. Few people manage to see these numbers on their results. So, you can be proud of your knowledge—or perhaps luck. But we want to know that even such a high score does not make you the perfect national basketball league fan. (Sorry).

19-20 points:

That’s it. You ARE the perfect NBA fan. You would be surprised how rare it is for the participants to score as high as nineteen on the quiz. The fact that you can literarily guess any player by his tattoos is mind-blowing. And it is something you should be proud of. To us, you are an expert-level basketball fanatic.

What is the Point of Taking an NBA Tattoo Quiz?

It is both fun and challenging. The questions are designed to keep you entertained. But the results indicate some serious info about you as a basketball enthusiast. Many take the quiz to prove they are real fans and not a casual viewer. Others just want to enjoy the ride and try their luck.

If this is not your thing, head to our NBA Player Quiz. It is a personality test that matches you to one of the top players in the game. And the good thing is that it is stress-free because there are no right or wrong answers.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the ‘NBA Tattoo Quiz.’ Please, contact us if you own any of them, and you want them to be removed.

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Quiz: Which MLB Hall of Famer Are You? Class of 2023 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 08:31:56 +0000 This personality MLB quiz reveals which MLB hall of famer you are. We have picked the baseball legends from those introduced to the MLB hall of fame in 2022.

MLB Quiz

Baseball is the third most popular sport in the US, being the favorite sport of 9% of Americans. Furthermore, it is the 8th most popular sports discipline in the world, with over 500 million viewers and enthusiasts.

Therefore the MLB quiz aims to reach out to half a billion baseball fans and show them which MLB hall of famer they are. So, please share the link to this quiz with all your baseball buddies.


Baseball hall of fame – which MLB hall of famer are you

MLB hall of fame celebrates the epic players throughout the game’s history. If you’re a true baseball fan, you already know that the hall of fame has a museum in Cooperstown, New York. In addition, the association publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Memories and Dreams and hosts different events.

However, we are most interested in the players enlisted in their hall of fame, class of 2022. There are seven people listed in the class of 2022 of the MLB’s hall of fame:

  • Bud Fowler: executive
    Fowler was a barnstorming player because of the contemporary oppression against African America baseball players at the time.
  • Gil Hodges: 1st baseman
    one of the most successful players and coaches during his 27 seasons in the baseball league
  • Jim Kaat: pitcher
    The left-handed player has been in the game for four decades and has set records in many aspects of his professional career.
  • Minnie Minoso: left fielder
    The Chicago White Sox star was the first Latin American player to become a baseball superstar. Minoso has been a great inspiration to many players and fans in Major League Baseball.
  • Tony Oliva: right fielder
    The originally Cuban player was a phenomenally magnificent hitter in the league. His golf-like swings were one of his signatures among the fans.
  • Buck O’Neil: executive
    Buck dedicated his entire life to baseball as a player, coach, scout, and executive. He was a paragon of inspiration among the society, especially to Kansas City Monarchs.
  • David Ortiz: designated hitter
    The Red Sox legend was accountable single-handedly for many of the titles they won. He is one of the best designated hitters in the sport’s history.



MLB quiz results and interpretations

We have picked four of the players and executives from the class of 2022, including Bud Fowler, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, and Minnie Minoso. To answer which MLB hall of famer you are, we will ask questions related to your preferences and personality. Therefore, the results might surprise you because the aim is not to show you who you like the most.

After you answer the Major League Baseball Quiz questionnaire, we will illustrate the highlights of the superstar.


Bud Fowler

Congratulation! You’re like Bud Fowler, the legendary player, and manager. Bud Fowler, John W. Jackson, was born in March 1858. His father was a barber who moved to Cooperstown when John was a kid.

Bod Fowler got his nickname in his teens because of calling other players “bud” during the game. When he moved to Keokuk, Iowa, he became the most popular player for Keokuk Hawkeyes, a recently established professional team.

He was the first African-American baseball player who played for many seasons. He was a revolutionary figure as a player and a coach. Unfortunately, he passed away in poverty.

Gil Hodges

Fantastic! You’re like Gil Hodges. He was born in April 1924 in Princeton, Indiana. Gilbert Ray Hodge was a magnificent first baseman and manager in the MLB. He held the record for most home runs during his career from 1960 to 1963.

The apex of his career was in Brooklyn, mainly when he contributed to their win against the Yankees in the 1949 series. From 1949 to 1955, he became an All-Star eight times. He also played for New York Mets from 1962 to 1963.

Then, he became the Washington Senators’ manager till 1968. Afterward, he went to New York Mets. Without a doubt, Gil was one of the best MLB players in the 50s.

Jim Kaat

Congratulations! You are the three-time All-Star pitcher, Jim Kaat. He was born in November 1938. The left-handed player has played for Washington Senators / Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals.

In 1982, he became the World Series Champion. He also had 16 Gold Glove Awards during his career. Kaat was celebrated as a Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer, too. Kaat is also an author; he’s written a best-seller called Still Pitching. He’s also been on TV for three decades as a sports commentator and showman.

Minnie Miñoso

Awesome! You’re the Cuban Rocket, Minnie Miñoso. He was born in November 1925 in Cuba. He started his professional career in the Negro leagues but moved on to the MLB in 1949.

He is one of the critical figures in White Sox’s history, with nine All-Star awards in the MLB. Some of his other achievements include:

  • Two times NgL All-Star
  • Negro World Series Champion in 1947
  • Three times Gold Glove Award winner
  • Three times AL stolen base leader

Sox fans honor Miñoso as their glorified number 9. In 2011 the Chicago Baseball Museum gave him the Jerome Holtzman Award.

Now that you’ve seen the results let’s jump into the quiz and swing at the questions.

If you love sports quizzes, check our NBA quiz or NFL quiz.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in which MLB hall of famer you are quiz. All the photos were used from the Unsplash, Envato, and Twenty20 websites, and we intend no copyright infringement.


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Quiz: Should I Ski or Snowboard? 2023 Winter Update Sat, 19 Feb 2022 18:54:15 +0000 Do you ask yourself, “Should I ski or snowboard?” This sports quiz reveals which activity is best for you based on your budget, skill set, age, and interests.

Ski Vs. Snowboard: A Real-Deal Quiz

The test consists of twenty questions about the crucial aspects of choosing the right snow sport for you. It matches your responses to the database to decide if skiing is your best bet or you should go snowboarding. Professional athletes and instructors provide the data we use. So, the results are 100% reliable.

If you’re confused about the perfect choice, consider taking our ‘What Sport Should Play Quiz’ as well. It can help you narrow down the options and ensure winter activities are the ones for you.

Help yourself decide.

The quiz is designed for people asking, “Should I ski or snowboard?” It analyzes all the affecting elements to suggest the best option. Regardless of your proficiency level, the test can determine what kind of activity suits you. We’ve talked to instructors and athletes to create a genuine questionnaire. The questions you face on this page are those that a professional trainer would probably ask you before putting you in a proper course or class.

Understand the upsides and downsides of each.

The good thing about the ‘should I ski or snowboard quiz’ is that it sheds light on each sport. So, beginners can use the information to make up their minds based on the advantages or disadvantages.

Find out why you’re better off without skiing or snowboarding.

One of the perks of taking the quiz is learning why a specific snow activity fits you. The results explain why we think you’re better off without skiing or snowboarding. And you can always make the final decision according to the insights you get.

Things that the ‘Should I Ski or Snowboard Quiz’ Considers

When choosing between skiing and snowboarding, you need to consider all the affecting factors. But it’s usually a challenging task, especially when you’re a beginner. The quiz, therefore, lends a hand with that and walks you through everything you should think about before making any decisions. Here are the crucial elements that it considers before suggesting any snow sports.

#1. Overall Entry Fee

Both skiing and snowboarding in the US cost anything from $80 to $200. But the additional fees like gear rental and lessons might add up to your overall bill. When someone asks, “Should I ski or snowboard?” it’s vital to know what their overall budget is. And that’s why the quiz considers the fees and prices.

#2. The Gear

Although mostly similar, the skiing and snowboarding gears have some dissimilarities. For instance, most athletes agree that skiing boots are super-uncomfortable. That’s while you can wear snowboarding boots to anywhere as if they’re your casual boots. The quiz takes into account such factors to come up with the best option for you.

#3. The Learning Process

It’s usually a beginner who might ask, “Should I ski or snowboard?” So, our quiz suggests an activity that matches your current skills and schedule. We offer the option that you’d most likely find easier to learn and, therefore, enjoy more. Professionals agree that both activities have a similar learning process. But small details can lead to huge differences for individuals. So, that’s why we didn’t want to ignore such a crucial factor.

#4. Injuries

Both skiing and snowboarding are action sports. So, you should expect a fair level of injury risk. However, each of them comes with specific dangers. While it’s easier for a skier to face a knee injury, arm and shoulder damages are more common for snowboarders. When it comes to choosing one, it’s smart to think about the type of risks and dangers. (That’s why the quiz includes some related questions to customize the results for you).

#5. Age

Learning to ski or snowboard at 40 is not the same as learning at 8. Your age affects the whole process and its outcome. So, we wanted to ensure that the quiz considers your physical attributes and features. You can be sure that the results match your current age and shape.

#6. Other Important Factors

The ‘should I ski or snowboard quiz’ is the most accurate tool to help you make up your mind. It analyzes other elements such as the trails, overall weather, obstacles, your previous experiences with snow sports, and more to finetune the results.

What’s Harder Ski or Snowboard?

According to Kevin Lupschen, a professional instructor, “Skiing is easy to learn but hard to master. However, snowboarding is hard to learn but easy to master.” Once snowboarders figure out how to do the turns, they improve much faster and catch up to skiers.

It’s also noteworthy that your experiences with other sports can affect the difficulty level of skiing and snowboarding. For example, individuals familiar with board sports usually find it much easier to learn snowboarding. And it’s often less challenging for people with no sportive background to learn skiing.

The Best Way to Decide if You Should Ski or Snowboard

Trying out both activities and consulting a professional instructor are the best ways to choose your favorite. You don’t need to worry about the fees because you can always rent the gear instead of buying them. Give yourself enough time to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each activity before making any decisions.

Read Before Taking the Quiz

The ‘should I ski or snowboard quiz’ is designed to help you make up your mind when deciding between the two activities. It’s not meant to encourage you to try out any action sports without proper lessons. Please, consult a professional instructor before trying out any of them. Otherwise, you may face serious injuries.

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What Martial Art Should I Learn? Based on Your 20 Skills Sat, 04 Dec 2021 15:06:03 +0000 Looking for an answer to “What martial art should I learn?” This 20-question combat style quiz to find out. Should you learn boxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai, or else?

3 Methods to Decide What Martial Art You Should Learn

As Nora Csisizar, an ITF taekwondo 4th don black belt coach, point out, “There are no such thing as best martial arts.” So, you need to find the one that suits your situation, goals, and time. Here’re three techniques you can apply when looking for the right combat style to learn.

If you’re not sure MA is a good choice for you, take our other quiz called, “What sport should I play?” It’d let you know if you should go for combat sports or not.

Method #1: Choosing for Competitions

Icy Mike, a professional MA trainer, says, “If you want to become a competitive fighter, choose a school that has a successful record in local or national competitions.” It’s important to train at a place that prepares you for professional fights rather than teaching simple self-defense or fitness practices.

Method #2: Choosing MA Based on Affordability

If you don’t want to become a competitive martial artist, consider three primary factors to choose the right style: affordability, likability, and location. Icy Mike believes that you should start training in a school that’s close to your house, matches your budget, and you like its people/atmosphere.

“Many aspiring learners waste their time looking for the best MA school. That’s while they don’t have the knowledge to decide which training place is the best,” says Icy Mike. Starting learning in a gym with the stated criteria allows you to get things going and find a better one later on if you didn’t like it in your current school.

Method #3: Taking an Online Martial Arts Quiz

You’re on the right page if your big question is, “What martial art should I learn?” You can take the combat style quiz here to identify which MA school will work out for you. The test considers every aspect of selecting the right style to deliver accurate results. Here’s how it works.

How the MA Quiz Chooses the Best Style for You

The test is a set of twenty questions about your plans for learning a martial art, as well as the skills you might have. It also considers your likes and dislikes to come up with practical results.

Identifying your goals.

Rokas Leonavicius, an Aikido Dojo master and MMA fighter, believes, “the most important question is NOT what martial art you should learn. It’s WHY you want to learn it.” So, that’s why the MA quiz on this page starts things off with inspecting your goals. We want to know the reason behind your decisions so we can suggest the best options.

Analyzing your skills.

You don’t need to be a fighter to pass this part. And we’re not looking for extreme skills like striking or grappling. But your physical features and background can help identify what martial arts your should learn.

Most trainers believe that your body type or current strength doesn’t affect the lessons you should take. So, won’t solely rely on these pieces of information to identify your MA style.

Looking into your preferences.

It’s crucial to do a sport that you enjoy. Otherwise, you’re going to fall off the track gradually and never truly progress. So, when taking the MA quiz, we are interested in knowing your preferences and what kinds of sports you like. That helps to finetune the outcomes, making them likable and practical for you.

Finding the right MA type.

When asking, “What martial art should I learn?” it’s crucial to know that there’re many options to choose from. So, you have to be familiar with the type of styles you’re interested in. Generally, MA types are categorized as follows.

  • Striking or stand-up fight.

These are styles that include direct stand-up combat with a competitor. Boxing, for example, is a striking MA.

  • Grappling or ground-fighting.

You need to grapple and restrict your opponent to win in grappling and ground-fighting styles. Think wrestling or sumo. Such sports usually lack direct hit to head and are primarily focused on trapping the competitor(s), so they give up.

  • Throwing or takedown.

Similar to grappling styles, throwing MA includes grappling the opponent. But it requires less ground-fight, and your goal is to grab and throw your rival or take them down. For example, Judo, Aikido, and Hapkido are all throwing styles.

  • Weapon-based.

Arnis or Kali is an example of weapon-oriented martial art. Such styles include using extra objects to hurt the opponent and usually lack hand-to-hand battles.

  • Low-impact or meditative.

When someone asks, “What martial arts should I learn?” meditative styles are not the answer they expect. But they are excellent options for learners who don’t like direct battles and want to work on their mind and body instead. Tai Chi is a perfect example of such a technique.

  • Hybrid or mixed.

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is an example of combining several combat techniques to create a hybrid method.

What’s the Best Way of Choosing Your Martial Arts Style?

A well-known MMA coach, Ramsey Dewey, says, “the best way to choose your martial art style is by gym hopping.” You have to try out several options before you decide which one works best for you. Think of it as buying a new car. You’d do your research, test drive some options, and then pick the one you like. The same technique applies to choosing your MA school.

What’s the worst way?

As Rokas Leonavicius points out, the worst way to select your martial art style is by choosing it because of your biases towards a specific option. Most of the time, beginners are influenced by movies, advertisements, and even life events. So, they want to go with the style that matches their dreams. However, that usually results in disappointing outcomes as you neglect the reality of your situation.

How to Know You Chose the Wrong Martial Arts?

The big question, for now, might be, “What martial arts should I learn?” But that doesn’t stay the same forever. You would want to know if your decision is a-okay or you’re wasting your time. Here’re three signs you’ve selected the wrong style or gym.

Long training, no payoff.

A new trainer should be able to defend themselves against an untrained attacker after six months of training. If you’ve passed that period without being able to fight, you’re probably in the wrong place.

No challenge.

Your trainer(s) should challenge you. If you’re wasting your time in the gym without getting proper lessons, you’ve picked the wrong martial arts style or school.

No progress plan.

Your coach should have a strategy for their students. If you feel like they’re training you without any plans ahead, you might want to reconsider your choice as the chances of success are low.

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Which NBA Player Are You? 100% Accurate Sport Quiz Wed, 03 Nov 2021 07:40:46 +0000 Would you like to know which NBA player you are? This sports quiz discovers your pro player match in no time. Are you Kobe, LeBron, Stephen Curry, or else?

Match Your Personality to a Top NBA Player

The quiz helps you find out which National Basketball Association athlete is similar to you. It analyzes your characteristics, comparing them to the top player’s profile to reveal your perfect match.

Unlike our other viral test, the Amazing NBA Trivia, this one does not include any right-or-wrong answers. So, the goal is NOT to assess your knowledge.

Here is everything you learn by participating in the questionary.

See which player is similar to you.

The premise of the quiz is to answer questions like, “Which NBA player am I?” So, that is the first thing you get in your instant results. We handpicked some of the best players of 2021 and beyond, creating a desirable list for any fan.

Find out how likely it is for you to become an NBA star.

Some participants have other questions like, “Will I be an NBA player?” The quiz answers that, too, by evaluating your ambition, hard work level, and dedication.

The results include a section where you learn what the odds of becoming a pro athlete are. And it is divided into three alternatives: Low, Medium, High.

Get an estimated salary.

It is not just about which NBA player you are. The test also analyzes your characteristics as a potential pro sportsperson to predict your value. It lets you know how much your salary and net worth could be.

Let us predict how many awards you would win.

Which of the following awards could your NBA player persona win?

– Most Valuable Player

– Most Improved Player

– Defensive Player of the Year

– Rookie of the Year

– Sportsmanship Awards

The quiz estimates the probability of you winning one or more of these titles by analyzing your personality.

Good News; WNBA Players Are Included in the Quiz

Do you want to know which WNBA player you are? This is the proper test to take. We included some of the world-class woman athletes of the past few years in the results. So, you might match players like Breanna Stewart, A’Ja, or else.

How to Know Which NBA Player You Are?

You can find creative ways to uncover your NBA persona. It could be as simple as age-, playstyle-, or even first name-matching. But none of them would be as accurate as a personality match. You can either take a quiz (like the one on this page) or research your favorite players’ characteristics to see which one you resemble.

NBA Player Age
LeBron James 36
Stephen Curry 33
Kevin Durant 33
James Harden 32
Damian Lillard 31
Breanna Stewart 27
A’Ja Wilson 25


#1: LeBron James

If you ask NBA fans, “Which player are you?” many would not hesitate to say, “I’m LeBron.” He is one of the most famous living legends of the league. His friends describe LeBron as “a good dude who cares about his teammates, always hitting a group chat even when they are not playing.”

Matching the King says so many things about your personality. You are a humble, hardworking, inspirational, and understanding person. Plus, you make an excellent leader.

#2: Stephon Curry

The Golden Boy is now an undeniably remarkable basketball player. His personality is often described as respectful, analytical, and insightful. Curry puts others in front of himself, doing everything he can to protect his loved ones.

If you ask a person, “Which NBA player you are?” and they are like, “I guess I’m Steph,” you can probably trust them instantly. The Baby-Faced Assassin is a determined athlete who enjoys strategic plays and mind games.

#3: Kevin Durant

KD has been on the rise. And he is now an A-level player by all means. He is a kind, generous, humble, and authentic person. Plus, Kevin’s work ethics are so strong that people think they have become a part of his personality. Fun fact, he is also a very emotional man.

You might not find many people who would say I’m KD when asked, “Which NBA player are you?” But that is about to change. Even the statistics show that Durantula has been gaining more and more fans.

#4: Breanna Stewart

Bean is on the list of best WNBA players of 2021. But she has a pretty amusing character besides her astonishing playstyle. Her friends believe that she is goofy, playing jokes all the time. Being a fan-favorite is in her blood, and she never shies away when under the spotlight. Breanna is also quite humble, determined, and honest.

Matching her means you are an energetic, funny, and quick-thinking individual who is sociable as well.

Take the NBA Personality Test for an Accurate Match

The big question remains unanswered, “Which NBA player are you?” The best method to find out the answer is by taking our 20-question quiz. It has a reliable database of the athletes’ profiles to finetune the results and discover your perfect match.

What Is the Point of Knowing Which NBA Star You Are?

It is both fun and insightful. Our quiz lets you know WHY you matched a particular NBA pro. So, you can have some sort of self-assessment both character- and playstyle-wise (if you play basketball).


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the NBA Player-Match Personality Quiz. Please, contact us if you own any of them and you want them to be removed.

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Ultimate 2023 WWE Quiz. Just Real Fans Can Score +80% Thu, 24 Jun 2021 12:46:27 +0000 This is the 2021 WWE quiz with 20 easy to hard trivia questions. Can you answer all of the questions about WWE, finishers, superstars, and their names?

2021 WWE Quiz That’s Gonna Leave a Mark!

The test on this page is for real fans. You might not be able to answer most of the questions if you happen to watch the matches now and then. Scoring 20 out of 20 is almost impossible. So, if you are like, “challenge accepted,” hit the green button and start the quiz.

The Ultimate PPV Event Quiz

Due to the pandemic, fans could not watch the matches and events in person. But that did not stop anyone from following the rollercoaster-like happenings of the WWE 2021. Here, you need to answer twenty questions about the main matches and events to prove that you remained a super-fan despite the COVID-19 stuff.

· Royal Rumble 2021 Questions

Edge shocked all of us with his win during the RR 2021. But that was not the only detail of the show. The WWE quiz starts with a couple of trivia questions about the stuff that happened during the event.

· Elimination Chamber Questions

This year’s Elimination Chamber has some surprising things to talk about. For instance, we were not expecting Kofi to eliminate Randy Orton. But it was a fun show anyway. During the second half of the WWE quiz, you need to answer questions about the whole events of the match.

· Fastlane Questions

Fastlane had a slow paste at the beginning. But it soon changed into an exciting wrestling show—especially when Riddle and Mustafa Ali match heated up towards the end. We have a couple of difficult-to-answer type of questions in the WWE quiz about the events of the Fastlane 2021. So, you might want to recap what happened before taking the test.

· NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 Questions

The NXT matches are gaining more media attention these days. This year’s In Your House proved that its superstars deserve more notice—and maybe more opportunities. The third part of the WWE quiz has several questions about NXT that only real fans MIGHT be able to answer.

· Other Random Events

We did not want to create a casual WWE trivia quiz. So, our team gathered information about all the other PPV events of 2021 to make the test even more challenging.

A Progressively Challenging WWE Quiz

The test you are about to take is much more than a Guess the Name or Guess the Superstar thing. The queries’ difficulty increases as you progress. And it reaches a point where most fans would find it impossible to answer the questions correctly.

Level #1: Easy

“Who won the United States Title Match?” Or “Who was the previous title-holder in the Women’s Team Tag Match?” These are some examples of the easy questions in the WWE quiz.

Level #2: Normal

“What vehicle did Roman use to hit Kevin Owen?” Or “Who did Belair team up with to knock Charlotte Flair?” These are some of the questions you face in the WWE quiz’s Normal stage.

Level #3: Hard

“Who attacked who right after Roman defeated Daniel Bryan?” or “Who was the number 24 superstar to get in the ring in Royal Rumble 2021?” These questions are similar to ones you might encounter during the Hard stage of the WWE quiz.

Level #4: Impossible

We like to keep the Impossible questions of the test as secretive as possible. The last few trivia entries in the test might make you scratch your head real hard—unless you are a real-deal fanatic.

What Your Scores Mean in the 2021 WWE Quiz

Taking the World Wrestling Entertainment test on this page can identify how obsessive or indifferent you are towards the superstars and main events. So, here is what your scores mean after finishing the questionary.

0-5: Newbie

Having five or fewer correct answers is not a piece of good news. It means you are a newbie viewer or fan who does not have much knowledge about the WWE universe.

6-10: Advanced Viewer

When your score in the WWE quiz is between 6 to 10, it means you have been around for a while. Usually, people who watched the games at least for one year can score as high as 10 on the test.

11-15: Obsessed Fanatic

Not many participants can score as high as you in the WWE test. So, congrats already. 11 to 15 points means you are a real fan. But it also indicates that you ignore the details as well as the hardcore wrestling maniacs.

16-19: Wrestle Maniac

People with such a high score are usually on top of the leaderboards. It is extremely challenging to answer more than 18 questions correctly. That is because the questions progressively get more difficult. But if you see such a score on your result page, you should be proud of yourself.


The rarest score in the WWE quiz is 20. It means you have answered all the questions correctly—which makes you an official WrestleMania leading light. Less than 5% of the participants can achieve such a score in the test.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the WWE Quiz. The said images are owned by the World Wrestling Entertainment Network.

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What Sport Should I Play? 2023 Trending Sports Quiz Tue, 22 Jun 2021 14:03:31 +0000 What sport should I play? Or what activities was I born to do? Find out what sport is for you in less than 5 minutes with this straightforward quiz.

A Quiz to Choose the Sport You Should Play

It could be confusing to select an athletic activity to pursue. The choices seem to be unlimited. And you cannot consult a professional sportsperson in each field to make up your mind. Our quiz, therefore, is designed to answer your big question, “What sport should I play?”

It is like an expert test to find out what makes an excellent activity for your current situation. More on this below.

How Does the Sports Quiz Work?

The premise of the test is to answer, “What sport should I play?” It is a set of 20 questions that assess your skills, body, time, and even money to suggest the best activity.

Evaluating Your Age and Physical Attribute

Yes, you should be an active person no matter how old you are. But some sports require certain age-related restrictions. For instance, plyometric exercises or heavy weight lifting is not a good idea when you are over 50.

It is also important to know your physical advantages and disadvantages when choosing a sport to play. For instance, being 6’6” or taller means you have the average height of an NBA player. So, basketball would already be an option for you.

Estimating Your Budget

According to ESPN, the average cost of sports for each child per year is $692. That means you need to pay at least $57 per month to pursue a sports activity. However, that is only an estimation. Some sports like skiing, ice hockey, and snowboarding cost more than $2,000 per year, which means a higher monthly fee. So, you should consider possible expenses when asking, “What sport should I play?”

Calculating Your Time

Reuters Health claims that 1-2 hours of daily sport enhances the well-being of the young. But that is the minimum amount of time to spend on such activities. So, the numbers would be much higher if you wanted to pursue sports as a career and become a professional.

What Sport Should I Play Based on My Body Type?

One of the traditional ways of choosing athletic fields is by determining the body type. One of the oldest systems used to do so is somatotype that divides human physical shapes into three categories. Some employ the said classification to identify the best sport for themselves. Here is what you need to know about each type.

Ectomorphs are lean with less muscle mass and fat compared to other types. It is usually difficult for this group to gain weight or increase their muscles.

Endomorphs have lots of fat and muscle. It is primarily easy for this group to gain weight. But they might find it hard to increase their muscle mass.

Mesomorphs are athletic. They are muscular, and it is relatively easy for them to both lose or gain weight.

Body Type Description Sports to Play
Ectomorph Lean, less fat, less muscle swimming, soccer, cycling
Endomorph Fat, fewer muscles weightlifting, rugby, rowing
Mesomorph Athletic, muscular skating, artistic gymnastics, bodybuilding

Note: The suggestions of the above table are according to the general attributes of the said body types. Take the sports quiz on this page for more specific results. You can find your type by this body type quiz.

Choosing Your Fitting Sports Filed Based on Your Purpose

Another way of answering, “What sport should I play?” is by looking at your drives and motives. Why do you want to work out or do sports activities? The answer to such questions can clarify what options are best for you.

Burning Calories or Losing Weight

One of the main reasons why most people think about playing sports is losing weight. If that is the case, you can choose the following fields. Swimming, running, rock climbing, or flag football.

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, it is your unhealthy lifestyle that is urging you to start playing sports. If that is the case, you can choose squash, rowing, or bicycling. (According to Forbes, these sports are the healthiest options you have).

Building Muscles or Gaining Weight

Asking, “What sport should I play?” might be because you like to go bigger. The best sports to gain muscle are gymnastics, cheerleading, wrestling, boxing, and surfing.

Having Fun

Athleticism does not have to be about gaining or losing weight or muscle. You can play a sport as a hobby. If that is why you are here, the best options are frisbee, yoga, jump rope, dancing, or biking.

Starting a Career

If you want to pursue sports as a career, make sure that you choose the one that you love. That is because becoming a professional athlete requires an immense amount of work and dedication. And the chances are pretty low to succeed in a field that you do not even like.

The highest paying sports as of 2021 are soccer, NBA, MLB, and football. But the thing is that there are career opportunities for non-athletes as well. Some of the highest paying non-athletic jobs are physical therapists, general managers, sports psychologists, and athletic trainers.

Most Popular Sports in 2021 (According to People Who Tried Them)

You might feel like it is only you who wonders, “What sport should I play?” But you are not alone. According to the pre-pandemic survey by Aspen Project Play, the most popular sport among kids is basketball. 22% of the participating parents claimed their child plays basketball—or would like to do so. Other popular sports among people are baseball, soccer, tackle football, and gymnastics.

However, the said statistics are for kids’ sports. Among adults, the most popular fields are soccer, badminton, field hockey, volleyball, and basketball.

It Is Okay to Play Multiple Sports at Once

The quiz on this page will answer your question so you do not have to keep asking, “What sport should I play?” However, you should know that it is okay to love and even pursue multiple sports at once. Michael Jordan, for instance, left NBA to pursue a career as a baseball player. Nate Robinson played both as a professional NBA and NFL player. So, you do not limit yourself if you do not feel like to.

As Michael Jordan says, “Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just illusions.”

Now, take the quiz and have fun.

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Ultimate Football Quiz – Just Premier League Fans Scores %80 Wed, 16 Sep 2020 11:02:35 +0000 This is the Ultimate Football Quiz about the Premier League. It has different multiple-choice questions about teams, players, logos, and the league’s history.

Welcome to an exciting quiz about the world’s most popular sport. This is a football quiz about the English Premier League, which is known as one of the most exciting leagues in the world. In all English football games, you can see a fascinating and stressful match even if the two teams have very different places in Standings.

Today, if you ask people around the world to talk about the English Premier League, everyone is talking about the brilliance of Liverpool and Manchester City, or about the ups and downs of Manchester United and Arsenal, or about the past years in which teams Like Leicester City, they were terrific.

Another issue that makes the English Premier League attractive is the intense competition between London teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, and other teams. The fans of these teams do not have a good relationship with each other, but in the meantime, a team like Liverpool has never walked alone between the greats.

Premier League Quiz, Just for Premier League Fans

English football, also known as the Premier League, is always top-rated all over the world. The English Premier League still had strange scenes, from Manchester City’s first championship to the unexpected championship of a Leicester City and the breaking of consecutive records by Liverpool.

These are all events that make us all more determined to follow the Premier League. Which of the weird Premier League scenes do you have in mind? Remember Steven Gerrard slipping at the worst possible time? How about Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic? If we go back a little, Do you remember Paolo Di Canio’s struggle with the referee and his suspension for eleven sessions? If all of you remember these memorable events, you are undoubtedly ready to answer the Premier League quiz.

UK football quiz

Which team do you think is the proudest English team? What are the champions of the previous seasons of the English Premier League? True UK football fans certainly know the answers to all these questions.

For example, let’s practice a little. A tough question: Someone who is an expert in the Premier League needs to know which players in a single Premier League game had been scored, assisted an own goal. You were right; Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale, and Kevin Davies are the only players to score, assist, and score an own goal in a single Premier League game.

About the goalkeepers, Did you know In the Premier League, former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson has scored, assisted, and won a penalty; He also has more assists in the Premier League than any other keeper (five). And facts about tireless players; Cesar Azpilicueta (2016/17), Wes Morgan (2015/16), John Terry (2014/15), and Gary Pallister (1992/93) are the only outfield players to play for a Premier League title-winning side at every minute of the season.

You can win a football quiz game just with your knowledge

You are definitely a fan of one of the Premier League teams. Whether you are a Liverpool fan or a Crystal Palace fan, you are a football expert so that you can challenge yourself.

Here are some examples of questions that can challenge every person:

  • Which striker begged referee Gerald Ashby not to give a penalty on Arsenal in 1997, saying he’d tripped instead of being fouled?
  • Who became the oldest Premier League player ever in 1995 at 43 years and 162 days-a a record that still stands?
  • Which former Man City, Arsenal, and Spurs player has been caught offside more than any other player in the PL’s history?
  • What was unusual about Darren Bent’s 17 October 2009 goal against Liverpool?

It’s time for you to challenge yourself, And by answering the football quiz questions, you can both have fun and learn the information you may have forgotten. If you have just joined the Premier League fans, it is still recommended that you do a premier league quiz. Then you get acquainted with the strange and exciting events of this lovely football league. Football fans across the UK; The football quiz is a place to entertain and challenge you. Send this quiz to your friends and have fun while watching football.

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Amazing Trivia NFL Quiz. Just Real Fans Can Score 80% Sat, 15 Aug 2020 06:35:05 +0000 This is the Ultimate NFL Quiz with different level trivia questions (Hard & Easy) about teams, players, and logos. Just real fans can score more than 80%.

If you ask people in the US what their favorite sport is, you will probably hear the name of football a lot. People in some states live with football and their heartbeats for their favorite team. For example, football is one of the most important things in Notre Dame. Everyone in Notre Dame knows about the famous football team, Fighting Irish, and so far made some films about Notre Dame football. Nowadays, watching sports is one of the hubbies that amuse people around the world. Playing this NFL quiz can be amazing, too. Invite your friends and challenge them to this quiz.

NFL quiz

Some people have been following NFL consistently for many years and people who don’t miss anything in this league. Or, if you claim to be an NFL expert, it is recommended for you to do the NFL quiz. No matter which team you support, this is a way just for challenging your information. So if you want to increase your knowledge about the “National Football League (NFL),” beside an exciting entertainment, play the NFL quiz. You can share your quiz results on social media to show your friends how much information you have about the NFL.

The American Professional Football Federation (APFA) was founded in 1920, and in 1922 its name was changed to the National Football League. American football is played at various levels in the United States, most notably the College League (Universities) and the Professional Football League (NFL). It has many fans all over the world. It has the highest average attendance (approximately 67,591) compared to other sports around the globe. The NFL Championships are held each year periodically at two meetings of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) and each in four regions of the US. Thirty-two teams currently run it. American NFL teams even compete at Wembley Stadium in London.


National Football League (NFL), a major U.S. professional football gridiron league, founded as the American Professional Football Association in 1920 in Canton, Ohio. The first president was Jim Thorpe, a distinguished American athlete who was also a league member. The current name was established in the year 1922. The NFL faced years of instability and pressure from rival organizations to become the largest professional football league in the United States.

NFL Teams

The AFC and the NFC each have 16 teams in each conference. The main difference between AFC and NFC is that AFC only reflects the clubs and teams that formed part of AFL (American Football League ) before 1970, while NFC includes clubs and teams that formed part of NFL from the start

National Football Conference (NFC) teams:

East region consists of Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins.

West teams are, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks

North region includes Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings

South region teams are, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

American Football Conference (AFC) teams:

East teams include Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets

North teams consist of, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers

South region teams are, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans

West region teams include Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Oakland Raiders


Notable teams, players and events

One of the most successful NFL teams we can mention is the “Pittsburgh Steelers.” They have won the highest number of Super Bowl titles. They won Super Bowl 8 times and won the championship six times. Another team is the “New England Patriots.” They have won Super Bowl 11 times, more than any other team. Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick are two of the most popular NFL players.

One of the strange events that happened in NFL history is during world war II. Most players went to the military. For that reason, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers teams had to combine to form the Steagles team in 1943, due to the lack of players. Chuck Hughes, one of the stars of NFL, death on the field was also a rare occurrence, that was in everyone’s mind. Statistics show that bankruptcy is the fate of most NFL players after retirement within three years.

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