Does My Cat Love Me? Find Out with This 100% Accurate Quiz

This Cat Quiz is a convenient way of answering the question, “Does my cat love me?” It uses the most recent analysis and studies to have an accurate answer.

Deciphering Your Cat Language: Does It Love You?

Jackson Galaxy (aka Daddy) says, “Cats do speak to you. But they do that in their own way.” So, your pet has probably told you if they love you or not. However, you may have missed or misunderstood it. You need to learn this mouser species’ body language to find out if they like you or not.

The thing about these lovely creatures is that their communication system differs from dogs. We already created a test on How to Know if Your Dog Loves You. But that will definitely not work for cat parents—as the two species have a very distinctive love language.

A Genuine Quiz to Measure Your Cat’s Love for You

This 20-question quiz helps you understand your pet’s language. Do you want to know if they love you back? Answer our questions to measure your feline friend’s love for you.

A 2017 study at Oregon State University showed cats prefer social interactions with humans over foods and toys. So, if your furry friend has become a loner, that is a clear sign it might not like you.

But do not worry about such behavioral signals for now. All you have to do is provide us with information about your pet. We will compare its activities and manners against our database to identify if they are signs of love and happiness or vice versa.

The test has three primary parts, which are explained down below.

· Looking for signs

Just because your cat does not hiss at you does not mean that it loves you. There are multiple evident and hidden signs that he/she may even hate you. We look for such red or green flags during the first part of the test to come up with an accurate analysis.

· Analyzing your behavior

It is not all about your pet. Most of the time, your actions and manners can reveal if your pet loves you. For instance, you might be rubbing your pet’s belly whenever it lays around you. And your feline friend might hate it—because its belly area is quite sensitive and stimulating. So, we need to know how you engage with your pet before answering questions like, “Does my cat love me?”

· Estimating the potential

Our algorithms measure the love of your cat for you during the final stage of the test. While we cannot give you a numerical quantity, you will receive a comprehensive and detailed result.

How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You (without a Test)

If your cat is showing signs of trust, such as slow blinking, showing its belly, or sleeping near/with you, it loves you back. Animals saying, “I trust you,” is the equivalent of humans saying, “I love you.”

Here are other indications that your feline pet likes you back and is enjoying its time with you.

Obvious signs your pet is madly in love with you.

  1. Giving you a head bump

Your cat might try to run its head against your body or forehead. That is a clear sign of love as these animals only do so when they trust the head bump receiver.

  1. Being all over you

Cats are pretty independent animals. So, they do not like to be restrained or trapped. However, when they voluntarily crawl all over your body, they are trying to say something like, “I LUV U HOOMAN.”

  1. Grooming you

Grooming is like kissing in the world of Felis. But if your cat is doing it too much, it might also be a sign of stress or anxiety.

  1. Responding to your voice

Cats are not domesticated at all. So, it is a sign of trust and respect when they actually respond to you. Otherwise, these cute, classy creatures prefer not to give a damn about their “food providers.”

Hidden signs your cat likes you back.

  1. Slow blinking.

Prey animals never close their eyes in front of untrusted beings. So, slow blinking, as Jackson Galaxy explains, is like saying, “I trust you that you won’t kill me.” And you can respond to your cat by slow blinking as well.

  1. Giving you pet hugs.

Another sign of love is your cat laying back holding its belly up. Most prey animals never show their midline (from throat to their genital) to others. That is because this is their body’s most vulnerable part. But when they do so, it is an indication of trust, appreciation, and fondness

  1. Hanging and sleeping near you.

For many feline parents, it is devastating that their pet is not a lap one. And they are like, “Does my cat even like me?” when it avoids their physical touch. However, for some mousers, cuddling, hugging, or rubbing is not desirable. So, they might prefer showing their love for you through other signs, such as sleeping at the bed’s end or hanging around you.

3 Ways to Show Your Love for Your Cat in Its Own Language

Taking this test is not enough to strengthen your bond with your kitten. You need much more than that. So, here are three techniques and pieces of expert advice to let your cat know you love him/her unconditionally.


Jackson Galaxy, a cat expert, has 25+ years of experience working with these cute creatures. He says catification is the process of making your home cat-friendly. Letting your feline friend have its own space, toys, and routes is a way of showing non-verbal affection. And it will improve your pet’s mental health.


Cats are energetic prey animals. So, you need to spend time with them, helping them release the excess energy. The best strategy is to give them something to hunt, catch, kill, and eat. (You do not need to give them living preys to play with. But you can recreate a hunting session with toys and treats).

Getting it another friend

One way to tell your cat, “I love you,” is by getting them a companion. Felines do not enjoy isolation. And they prefer to hang out with their species. So, do not make them feel lonely and deserted.

The Dark Side of Taking this Quiz

You asked, “Does my cat love me?” And we promised to give you an accurate answer through this quiz. However, you should note that the answer could be NO. Not every pet parent is lucky enough to be loved by their animal friend. So, you better expect negative results as well.

Here are some cat love/hate signs that may prepare you for the final answer.


Love Sign Dislike Sign
Slow blink Aggressive biting
Showing you its belly Curling or twitching its tail
Giving you a head bump Hissing at you
Grooming you Avoiding you
Asking for pet Hiding away from you
Responding to your voice Flatten ears


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