Quiz: What Cat Breed Are You? 1 of 10 Breed Matching

This quiz determines what cat breed you are, based on your personality and appearance. Just answer 20 simple questions to find out.

Cat and human relationships are as old as history. For example, you can find drawings of cats in prehistoric relics. Moreover, you can discover feline footprints even in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. So, let’s see which type of cat matches your personality. By the way, even dog people have a feline side. Therefore, take the quiz, even though you hate cats!

Cat breed quiz intro: why cats matter

Perhaps you’re wondering why you would look like a cat. In fact, humans and domestic cats share about 90 percent of their genes. Therefore, we’re more feline than it seems from a biological point of view.

Furthermore, cats are the most popular domestic animals, only second to dogs—over 31 million households in the US host at least one kitty. Kittens are one of the most adorable living things, and many famous figures and movie characters show feline traits. If you own a cat you find out if they love you by this cat quiz.

Some interesting facts about kittens: What cat breed are you?

Moreover, cats have played many symbolic roles in different cultures. Therefore let’s highlight some interesting superstitions, ideas, and facts about cats. We’ve gathered the following sayings from different cultures around the world:

Here are some other superstitions and proverbs worth mentioning:

Cat breed quiz results: What Cat Breed do I look like?

We’ll ask you 20 personality questions to determine which cat breed you belong to in this test. The main contenders on this quiz are four distinct breeds: Persian, Scottish, DSH, and Sphynx. Read on to find out about each species.

Persian cats

This type of cat is associated with aristocracy, glamour, royalty, and class. The long-hair cats are relatively sedentary compared to other breeds. Additionally, they are more sensitive and require proper care, especially regarding grooming. Their short jaw doesn’t help them prey and compete with other cats. That’s why they have a lower chance of survival than rival stray cats.

The Scottish Fold

This breed is a popular yet rear type of cat with distinctive folded ears and a chubby body. These cats were artificially bred for the first time in Scotland, hence the name. They might have either long or short hair. Their unique face makes them perfect for memes and troll photos.

Domestic Short-Haired (DSH)

This type of cat is dominant among stray cats due to its superior strength and adaptability. They’re a mixture made by Mother Nature; that’s why they are so diverse and resilient. On the other hand, these tiny tigers can become troublemakers when adopted and taken into the household. They are hyperactive and ruthless, so don’t try to get in their hair!

The Sphynx

This breed might be produced as a result of a natural genetic mutation or artificial breeding. This cat has borrowed its name from the Egyptian cat statues with no hair, hence the name. Sphynx are pretty outgoing and friendly despite their mean looks. They are stunningly intelligent and curious.


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