State Bingo and Road Trip US

State Bingo and Road Trip US

2 fun-filled geography games State Bingo and Road Trip US. Play a game of classic bingo or take a road trip across the 50 states. Travel to random destinations or choose to drive along the historic Lewis and Clark trail. Win the game to send states to statehood. Enjoy fun animations as Pep the car cheers you along.

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Most requested app in the classroom (via TeachersWithApps)
State Bingo and Road Trip US, is totally educational, exceptionally engaging and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, this is the most requested app in the classroom right now!

Kids could learn a lot about geography (via The iPhone Mom)
I highly recommend this app to parents who want to help their kids learn all about the United States of America!

Must have app (via The Appy Ladies)
If you are looking for an app about US geography and US state information, that is both educational & fun, this is a must have app in your collection.

Top iPad Apps to Teach Kids US Geography (via PadGadget)
State Bingo and Road Trip US turns learning US geography into a digital journey from coast to coast.

The Road Trip game is really clever (via Special Apps Special Kids)
State Bingo and Road Trip US is visually rich, with its colorful map of the US and gorgeous illustrations.

4.5 Star rating (via iMum)
This is a very fun and engaging way to learn about US geography and State facts that can otherwise be rather dry and dull to learn.

App Makes Travel Time a Learning Experience (via iGameMom)
State Bingo and Road Trip US brings fun into the learning, with the right balance.
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State Bingo and Geography Crossword

2 fun geography games State Bingo and Geography Crossword, specially designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Learn to navigate a map, build extensive geography skills all while playing engaging and creative games. Earn rewards as you win games and learn a bit of history.

Geography Crossword Game

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“Before you know it, your child will become the expert on US Geography.” via iGameMom 

“Students who tried this app were educationally immersed in learning fun, all while gaining new knowledge about the United States. It’s hard not to love solving a crossword puzzle” via Teachers With Apps

“The perfect app…for helping kids learn all about the United States…great for a social studies/geography classroom.” via Elementary School Teacher at AppyMall

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Monkey and Crocodile

Monkey and the Crocodile is a fun folk tale about how a monkey outsmarts a crocodile.Story with a moral. Learn about animal facts in a fun and interactive way
Sleep mode and bilingual narration in english and hindi.
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Monkey and Crocodile App for Santa’s bag (via Wired’s
“I think Decker just likes to see the crocodile get tricked as he asked me to replay that part a couple of times. His laugh told me that he understood what happened… I loved it”

Little Blue Jackal

Niyaa brings to you classic Indian folk tales that have been retold by generations and are packed with ancient wisdom. We unfold the memorable Panchatantra classic of Little Blue Jackal that will be your child’s favorite for ages. The story is kid-friendly, simple and enjoyable.
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4 star rating by Gill Robbins
Bright, attractive graphics provide plenty of detail to discuss. The emotions of the different characters are clearly defined, so older children could reflect on why the animals feel the way they do as the story unfolds.

4 star rating by Ahgoo review
The art work is beautiful.The moral is an important one that we all must learn. This app has a unique feature that I have yet to see called “Sleep Time”.

Geek with Juniors
Little Blue Jackal is a solid storybook app.  Having a good moral story that “how we look does not change who we really are”really helps us as parents to deal with the impending teen culture that our juniors would face.